Heritage Fleet

The CABO 32 Express is a modern take on the traditionalist's sportfishing boat: practical, compact, agile, and absolutely seaworthy. Just like the rest of our fleet, she is designed to meet the specialized needs of the serious saltwater angler, featuring gear and amenities normally found on much larger models. In other words, don't let the size of this pocket battlewagon fool you. The 32 Express is pure CABO inside and out, and pound for pound one of the finest production sportfishers in her class.

Some boats claim to raise fish. Others, like the CABO 35 Express, let their success speak for itself. A favorite of charter captains and seasoned anglers worldwide, she features a hull with small propeller pockets and clean underwater lines that create two ideal trolling alleys behind the transom, greatly increasing the number of strikes. It's one of the reasons other builders continue to study this benchmark model as they launch their own versions of our popular mid-sized sportfisher.

The quality of our 35 Flybridge is legendary. She was the first boat off the CABO line in 1991, and over the years this pocket battlewagon has been called "bulletproof" and "a benchmark for construction, design, and bluewater performance" by some of sportfishing's most respected experts. In 1999, she was retooled from the keel up to incorporate technical improvements and increase accessibility to her systems and components. More than 300 hulls now fish the oceans of the world, making the 35 Flybridge one of our best-selling models ever.

The 38 Express is an ideal choice for owners of smaller fishing boats who are looking to move up, as well as for owners of bigger battlewagons who are looking to move down. A precision-designed mid-sized model, she offers greater offshore comfort than an outboard-powered vessel due to her balanced weight distribution, which increases stability without compromising speed or maneuverability. She also provides all the punch of CABO's larger boats by means of her bulletproof construction and muscular twin engines..

When designing a vessel to be used throughout the waters of the world where fishing is more a way of life rather than just a hobby, you must take several factors into consideration. The engines must be powerful - powerful enough to get out to the grounds long before anyone else. The cockpit must be stocked - stocked with big-time amenities ensuring the needs of all anglers onboard are met. The interior must be fisherman-friendly - outfitted with sumptuous-yet-practical appointments and high-quality accommodations. And the boat must be strong, agile, and of course, completely seaworthy.

With the 40 Flybridge, CABO took a great boat - the 40 Express - and made it greater by expanding the accommodations to create a powerful, purposeful, comfortable sportfisher. Like every model in the CABO fleet, this one is built to tackle big seas and big fish thanks to her specialized features and design. Some say you have to sacrifice creature comforts for the features that make a great fishing boat - not so on the 40 Flybridge. Her finely appointed interior allows owners to relax in style after a long day on the water. Whether chasing down a marlin or cruising up the coast, the 40 Flybridge is pure, uncompromised CABO.

he CABO 43 Flybridge has it all. Combining a sleek, sporty exterior with premium fishing features, tournament-level speeds, and stylish accommodations, she is engineered to prey on everything in the water - whether hard-hitting billfish or competitive boat models. Her remarkably seaworthy performance and massive cockpit give her the feel of a much bigger boat, providing owners the capability and confidence of a go-anywhere, do-anything battlewagon in an easier to own and operate package.

The 44 Hardtop Express launched the next step in sportfisher design evolution for CABO Yachts, with the integration of a new hardtop - taking what was already a leader in fishability to another level. This exciting express is designed to be the most fishable CABO ever. Its innovative design and interior accommodations continue to meet the demands of its core market - serious offshore anglers.

Whether the benchmark is design, engineering, construction, performance, or fishability, the CABO 45 Express is a true champion. She has garnered Boating magazine's coveted "Boat of the Year" award and has twice won the San Juan International Billfish Tournament. But what's even more impressive is that this large express model never fails to meet the demanding needs of our customers, who expect and accept nothing less from the CABO team than the best sportfishers money can buy.

The origin of our 48 Flybridge can be traced directly to feedback from owners, who said they wanted a wave-busting sportfisher with three staterooms, but only if it had the CABO stamp on it. That show of support led us to build - or rather, overbuild - a boat that performs remarkably well as both a big-game hunter and a live-aboard cruising platform. From her modified-V bottom to her immaculate construction, this model is for owners who know what they want in a convertible, and who aren't afraid to ask for it by name.

From the beginning, CABO founder Henry Mohrschladt had a vision that one day his firm would launch the best-conceived convertible in the 50-foot range. The 52 Flybridge is that boat. She is the latest and largest model to join the venerated CABO fleet - made to travel farther, stay out longer, and fight harder. As our company flagship, she combines an unsurpassed intelligence, craftsmanship, muscle, and skill that represent years of hard work and experience, as well as collaboration with industry experts and offshore fishing enthusiasts worldwide.