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CABO Crews Dominate Tournament

CABOs take top honors at the 10th Annual 

Stan Miller Hatteras / CABO / Viking Challenge

We are pleased to congratulate CABO owners and team members that competed during this year's 10th Annual Stan Miller Yachts Hatteras / CABO / Viking Challenge. The talent executed by these participants illustrated CABO Yachts' dedication to ensure superior fishability.

The tournament kicked off Friday night, at the Basin Marine Shipyard in New Port Harbor, where participants prepared their boats to catch Marlin, Dorado, Bluefin tuna and Yellowtail brought by local waters off the coast of Southern California. Welcomed by calm seas and summer weather, CABO, Hatteras and Viking Yacht sport fishermen scattered throughout Mexican waters and up North to the Channel Islands.

Within the first hour at sea, CABO 35 owner of "Blue Chip", Paul Arentsen started things up with a Marlin hookup and release captained by Tracy Merrill. Throughout the weekend, radio chatter reported Yellowtail and Dorado on paddies and various Marlin hookups; including a shot on a Marlin near the Channel Islands, for CABO 40 owner of "Oh Joy", Dewayne Brown.

Sunday evening commenced with dinner and a cocktail party, where awards and trophies were presented to event winners in all categories of Tuna, Yellowtail, Dorado and Marlin. Team "Tranquility", on a CABO 35 owned by Steve Strauss, stole the show; winning top boat in the tournament, with prevailing Yellowtail and Dorado scores.